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Individual Therapy


Health & Body​/Trauma Issues/Communication/Stress/Anxiety/Grief


Psychotherapy for individuals aims to working collaboratively with people, creating a safe and respectful environment in which to explore personal challenges, and realise the potential to lead happy and engaged lives. 


A therapy session is about listening to how the clients react to situations in their daily life, how they feel and putting this into a perspective they can work with according to their own resources and values.


Angela tailors the treatment to the individual, presenting problem and their readiness/capability for change. She is recognised for providing an in-depth therapy and her approach is founded on empathy, respect and validation. Angela offers a non-judgmental, culturally sensitive, family inclusive therapy and adheres to the stringent ethical guidelines to ensure safe practice.​


Angela believes in a client-centered approach and is flexible and open to tailoring treatments to meet individual needs. She is motivated to support people to develop their self-awareness and to make meaningful changes in their lives. Angela's clients would describe her as empathic, understanding and supportive.




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