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About Angela

Angela is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist and counsellor who works with both individuals and couples.

She has a particular interest and extensive experience in working in the areas of anxiety management, depression, relationship difficulties, family issues, life stage transitions and grief and loss.


Angela is experienced at working with couples in therapy and also facilitates group work with couples to strengthen their relationships skills.

Angela is committed to professional development and supporting her clients to work through personal and/or relationship difficulties. Her aim is to assist you in a deeper understanding of yourself and others.


Treatment  is tailored to the individual, presenting problem and the client's readiness or capability for change. She is recognised for providing an in-depth therapy and her approach is founded on empathy, respect and validation. Angela offers a non-judgmental, culturally sensitive, family inclusive therapy and adheres to the stringent ethical guidelines to ensure safe practice.




Master of Counselling- Human Services, Swinburne University

Master of Couples' Counselling, Swinburne University
Angela is a senior Yoga teacher at
Prahran Yoga with over 25 years of teaching experience.
She is also a Dharma teacher in the Buddhist tradition of Insight Meditation. She teaches with Melbourne Insight Meditation Group
For information about Angela's Insight Meditation teaching schedule in Melbourne visit
Angela also teaches regular Yoga and Insight Meditation retreats in Australia and in Bali - see Meditation or Retreats in the menu for more info.



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